What is “Biological Washing Powder”?

Are you a fan of BBCA’s “How Clean is your House”? I LOVE it!! You have GOT to check it out! It’s a huge part of why I decided to start this website, actually. The program is about people who let their houses get so out of control dirty that many cannot even move inside the home! I mean, these places are DISGUSTING… kitchens coated with grease, bug infestations, ugh, it’s HARD to watch sometimes. Some of the people on the program are just flat out lazy and there’s nothing more to their situations than that! A few though, genuinely have no idea HOW to clean. NONE of them have a firm understanding of how increadably dangerous living in a place full of bacteria is! Like the one guy who would wear a pair of sox for a month, and then use them to do the dishes that had been sitting in his sink that entire month. He believed that using the sox to wash the dishes cleaned the sox, so then they went right back onto his feet! Can you believe it?!

Well, anyway… The ladies on “How Clean is your House” pretty much take the homes by storm. They remove the clutter (often years worth of garbage that was never taken out to the trash) and then TEACH the inhabitants HOW to clean. I’m fairly certain that most of the people who benifit from their assistance do not keep their homes clean, but the show is GREAT for people like you and me who just need some tips on making cleaning easier!!

Kim and Aggie (the lovely hosts) often use a product they call “Biological Washing Powder”. People are ALWAYS asking me about this product, most recently one of our very own forum members brought it up. Of course you know that the Brits have different names for things than we do here in America… like a “torch” is a flashlight, and a “plaster” is a band-aid, etc. The question I most often get is “What is the American equivelant”. Well, to be honest, there isn’t “an equivelant”… first let’s talk about what biological washing powder is in the first place.

Biological washing powder is a natural cleaning agent. It has enzymes in it that eat dirt and grease. It works the exact same way that meat tenderizer works on a protein stain (like blood). See my meat tenderizer article here. The enzymes are kicked into action by water, so this is an all natural way to clean. You’ve got to use cool to warm water with biological powder, not hot. Hot water will kill the little buggers and render the product useless.

There is a difference between this type of product and borax. Borax is a mineral- also totally natural, but it does not work in the same way.

Anyway, I hope this clears some stuff up. I think you all would probably really like the product. I’ve done my best to find some that we can buy here in America. A company called Ecover makes it, but it’s not sold on Amazon. Go here to check it out, it ships from the UK, so keep that in mind. (if anyone can find a better place to buy this product, please let us know on the forum!) Ecover ALSO makes LOTS of other green products, I BELIEVE the one linked on the bottom of this page is simply re-packaged for sale in the US, because they use the word “ecological” in place of the word “biological” but otherwise looks EXACTLY the same. (the link below is for a 4 pack, that’s why it seems really expencive. Amazon is GREAT for buying in bulk!!). I think I’ll try some. Why not?!? If anyone finds different brands or has any good tips on using biological washing powder, please mention it on the forum!! There is already a conversation started here!

I was searching for some Borax to link to on Amazon… but no, Amazon, I did NOT mean to type “Borat” instead of “Borax”. :P


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